Help Baxter

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Help Baxter

Hello, my name is Baxter and I often go by Bo Bo. Wonder Weims Rescue has been a miracle for me since they pulled me off the streets. You see I was homeless and weighed about 25 pounds when they found me and took me in. I was a mess, a little stinky and full of heart worms. They have helped me get rid of my nasty invasive heart worms, neutered me, and feed me so I could put on 25 pounds so far. But you see that is only the beginning of my journey. My previous “owners” destroyed my right leg, it is not a good idea to swing me around by my leg, or whatever they did and now I have to have major surgery on my leg (about $1800 dollars) The good doctors will remove my femoral ball at the hip so I can run and play again without excruciating pain. Oh! and did I mention that I was shot? Yes, my previous family didn’t think it was enough to IMG 6105rip my leg apart but they had to shoot me also. Didn’t they know if they shot me in my good leg it wasn't going to “put me out of my misery?” So with a torn, ripped severely damaged leg and a bullet fresh in my good hind leg I was dumped. Well, someone found me and then the true love began, I have a foster mom with Wonder Weims that feeds me, helps me when my leg gets stuck, and shows me how I deserve to be treated, but my hip is in really bad condition and I will loose my whole leg if I don't get the surgery. Can you help me? Please?


shadowI've been waiting for a forever home! Shadow is a gorgeous 7-year-old weim/lab mix. Housebroken and does not need to be crated. She has EXCELLENT house manners. Great on a leash and LOVES to ride in the car. She gets along with dogs, cats and kids. See more about Shadow on our Available Dogs page.





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