To Jesse, Bill’s Best Friend
Nine years ago, Bill Dahlmann brought home a small wiry-haired mass of wiggles. This was his new pup, Jesse, a Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon.
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In memory of our dear dogger friend Harlow. Danny will miss cuddling with you but Lulu is
happy to see youLove, Danny, Lulu, Olive, Stephanie, & Andrew.
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Gracie Payne


In memory of Gayle Payne’s Weim, Gracie Payne. Gayle is the mother of Nicholas Payne who adopted his dog, Dash, from WWR several years ago. Gracie led a long life of 11 years.
Patrick Conner
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Jackson came to us as an older, gentleman dog. His previous companion had died, and the family couldn’t keep him. I fostered him for a couple of months, long enough to realize that this fine, handsome 10-year-old dog was a real jewel.
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Jessie came to us on August 27, 2009. She was about 2 years old. She was timid and willing to please and please she did! She was the sweetest baby girl we have ever had.She would knock you down with her kisses. She loved her family and our kids were HER kids. She loved them so
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For Gracey by Ronday Latina

Where are they buried?
The bones of the beasts of old?
Their coats of ginger and grey and black and tabby?
In hasty graves marked by the tears of those they loved and served.
Marked by sighs and sorrow and stories, but lost as memories become twilight.

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