hemiWe adopted Hemi the 5 year old weimy, march 1, 2014. He has assimilated into the family very well. He is very protective of the house and of me. Hemi is smart and curious, he loves to learn new tricks, going on car rides, and going for walks.

And he loves going to Doggie Daycare to play with his 4 legged friends and getting attention from his 2 legged friends. When Hemi needs some extra exercise he runs on the treadmill for fun. I work at the Doggie Daycare that Hemi goes to, so he goes with me to work because of his separation anxiety. The trainers and I have been working with Hemi a lot on his separation anxiety, crate training, and leash manners. Hemi has made a lot of progress and I plan to continue to work with him everyday. Hemi is my best friend and is doing great.
Natalie Swoboda and Hemi