Diana, John & Jeremy Rosen

dianaIn March of 2011, our dog of 12 years died, John was adamant that we were finished as dog owners.

The house just wasn’t the same, so that July we decided to foster, the thought being we could help when possible, but have the freedom to travel with out worrying about who was watching the dog.  We decided to foster for Wonder Weims because of our oldest son Patrick’s weimaraner Kiko.  We loved his personality and his pure devotion to his person.  Dot (formally Sapphire) came to us 4 months after we began fostering.  We were warned that she barked — a lot, and she licked — a lot.  I was not thrilled at the thought of taking her!  But it turns out that while she does bark and lick – A LOT, she also was funny, loving and for some crazy reason, the perfect fit for our family.  We have had close to 20 fosters, young and old, over the last 4 years and have loved them all.  Sometimes giving them to their new family is heart wrenching, but it’s always worth it, and unfortunately there is always another Weim needing a foster.