Michael and Jo’Ann Montana

Mike and JoOur names are Michael and Jo’Ann Montana. We are both bankers.

I am The Business Banking Manager for Central Bank of the Ozarks in Springfield, Missouri and Jo’Ann is the Branch Manager for US Bank in Bolivar Missouri. We have a 50 acre horse ranch in Fair Play Missouri. We are both involved in local Civic and nonprofit groups to help the needy, elderly, businesses, and charities. We have always helped local shelters and we have 5 dogs and 3 cats that are all rescues. We got involved with Wonder Weims Rescue as a foster family to make more of an impact on the plight of large dog rescues. Too many large dogs like Weimaraners are given up or brought to the pound because they are very beautiful puppies that turn into very energetic large dogs that need attention and people just give up on them instead of working with them. We have successfully fostered 15 dogs and failed with one. The one we failed with was because we kept him. He is Ranger and he is a very stunning dog that had no positive human contact growing up. At 18 months old he was scared of everything and he was a runner. We finally got him to the point that he accepted us and everything around our ranch and it was time to put him up for adoption. At the same time we had to have work done on our heating unit so a repairman came out and Ranger reverted back to being afraid of everything. We realized he would be a very long term project and decided to just adopt him ourselves to keep him safe and happy so he can enjoy the rest of his life with us. It is very rewarding to see a rescue get better and move on to a forever home that wants them and will love them.