Shelby and Aaron Huston

Shelby and Aaron HustonWe became involved with Wonder Weims rescue about a year after adopting Wee jock in August 2011.

Aaron and I bought a house and 20 acres out in the country. It was January of the next year when wonder Weims needed a foster for Bandit. That was the beginning of our journey. Over the past three years we have fostered over 10 Weims, weim mixes and puppies. During that time we adopted one of our fosters, Carmen a blue weim mix. About a year later we adopted Sweeney. Just recently we lost Ammo our Stafford shire terrier to cancer, he was the best puppy baby sitter. We will continue to foster or help out in anyway, plus I make bandanas for the rescue too. All fur babies deserve a loving and forever home.